Участники специализации на Курсере оценили курс по сценарию на 4.6 из 5 (88 оценок)1 min read

Некоторые прикольные отзывы:

Alexey is extremally charismatic. A real pleasure to watch. The tasks are rather challenging and take a lot of time but I am waiting for the next ones! The feeling of doing something really special is undescribable

Zehr gut! I didn’t know Russians could crate something so professional. And the university is not that famous. Hands down there was a great work done.

This is an excellent course. It is helping me reach my life’s goals.

This course helps me a lot not only presentation but also how to organize the ideas.

1) Все 88 оценок (на октябрь 2018) по сценарному курсу: https://www.coursera.org/learn/speechwriting#ratings
2) Описание специализации: http://alex-burba.ru/coursera_specialization_launch/
3) Сама специализация: https://www.coursera.org/specializations/presentation-skills


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